the changing face of music

The Changing Face of Music is a personal project which celebrates the talent, dedication and perseverance amongst my social network and peers. The ‘personal’ part of this is me stepping back into an industry I lived in 24/7 before putting down my instruments and picking up my camera - in a professional context at least. The transition between the two industries was a significant part of my life, a strange time where my identity was challenged as I worked out ‘what I was’ so I could confidently tell the rest of the world. Having landed firmly in the land of contributing pixels to society rather than sound waves, The Changing Face of Music is the photographer in me looking back at what I was so lucky to have (and still have) around me.


Shot across many sessions throughout 2017, The Changing Face of Music portrays singers, songwriters, producers, artists and session musicians who, I believe, are in the process of shaping the music industry for the next generation in some way. It’s a mere snapshot of course, and it’s intended to be appreciated more in future nostalgia than it is the present. Put simply, I’m proud to know these people, to call them my friends. The clichés are true - music industry is a rollercoaster like none other, it’s brutal and brilliant in equal measure and it is my hope that The Changing Face of Music sheds at least a little light on those who deserve to be seen as well as heard.