The River Thames is a lifeline to London. Modern perception doesn’t appear to agree with this statement as many look back at the images of Victorian London and see that period as the pinnacle of activity. This could be, in part, due to an accidental ignorance of the average Londoner thanks to the hectic and frantic lifestyle the modern global capital of the world encourages - we simply don’t see.

Sit and watch the Thames at any point for a decent length of time and you will see how important this river is to London. From leisure to commuting, industrial cargo to tourism, the river is a hive of activity at almost every point - you just have to stop for a while and look. This series of images depicts somewhere between 45mins to 3 hours worth of action in each composition. It was commissioned by the Thames Tideway Tunnel project who are responsible for updating the Victorian sewage system that has far out-done its intended capacity and which is now bursting at the seems (literally in some places) thanks to the rapidly growing population of London. ‘London’s Super Highway’ helps Londoners to realise the importance of their river and to understand why it needs caring for. Constructing the Thames Tideway Tunnel will drastically reduce the overflow of direct sewage into the river - the level of which rose to 55m tonnes in 2014. The new ‘super sewer’ could reduce this by as much as 97%.