What would London be like without the people, without the distractions? ‘London Sleeps’ is an attempt to remove the chaos and reveal the beauty in the incredible variety of infrastructure and architecture that makes up this city.

Very few cities can boast the intricate complexities in layout that London can - a lengthy history and lack of planning have both played their part. The result is beautiful diversity - a perfect reflection on the inhabitants of such a cosmopolitan capital. From the sharp angles of the glass-clad City of London to the neoclassical pillars of the National Gallery - there is statement all around. There is further beauty in the more subtle structures and side streets often over-shadowed by the more obvious tourist attractions. However, one of the ever-increasing problems this city faces is population growth and the resulting congestion. Couple that with the busy-ness of Londoner’s lives and it rapidly becomes so simple for this architecture to be slowly hidden from view. Often spending hours at a time in one location and always seeking to find a alternative point of view, this project aims to strip back the city from these issues and expose the structures once more.