Now award-winning....

I'm very pleased to have just been crowned RICS Infrastructure Photographer of the Year 2016 for an image I shot of the Lee Tunnel before its completion.

This image was captured as part of a commission for Thames Water last year and The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors' panel of judges awarded it first place from the hundreds of entries they received.  Lugging my gear laden in heavy PPE through awkward and tight spaces on a cold February morning was stressful... but... getting to view this amazing engineering in person was such a privilege. It's now full of sewage and probably doesn't look quite so pretty! More information at the following links:


And here's what you have to dress up in to carry out such duties...

Fitness Guru | Lifestyle Photography

Here is an unseen image from the shoot I did for Christine Ko. I call her a fitness 'guru' because she literally is the healthiest/fittest person (and bendiest) I've ever met. The brief from the designer was a contemporary fitness shoot that places her in London. Et Voila!

Yoga photography London Eye

Lifestyle photography in London is always a risk as we really can't rely on the weather at all but this time we just lucked out. I feel I was due this luck as we've had to shoot through so much bad weather over the last year so the sunshine was welcome. We shot a whole library of various poses and settings incorporating the landmarks as much as possible - hair and makeup on Westminster Bridge at 7am certainly drew some attention.

Westminster Bridge Photoshoot
fitness photographer London

Hub Health | Fitness lifestyle shoot

Here are a few images from a commission at the end of 2015 by Hub Health. We were shooting to add to their library of fitness and lifestyle photography to help promote their brand. It's my second shoot for the client and they are always a pleasure to work with. We shot a variety of images based around the treatments that they offer as a clinic (osteopathy, physiotherapy, nutrition guidance etc) and also the more fitness based side of their work whereby they use skilled personal trainers to aid rehabilitation after injury. All models were staff so it's very much a real interpretation of what happens and it makes it more personal to their brand. Of course it does help when they actually have a working model manning reception part time - the brilliant Henrietta Garnham making my job easy!

fitness photography london
lifestyle photographer london
fitness photographer london

New Print Portfolio, New Year

Photography print portfolio

2015 has been another manic year but all positively so. Travelled much more of the world and I write this 3 days before setting off to shoot and travel across Hong Kong, New Zealand, Sydney and Singapore to start off 2016. I have a growing list of blog posts to add to bring things up to date but I think I have to accept that being completely up to date is never going to be a reality, I'm sure most photographers are the same; that to-do list never gets smaller... ever!

All good though, I'm very excited about the new year as I've got loads of plans, meetings and shoots to tick off as well as countries to visit in just the first two months alone. Above and below is a quick sneak peak at my new print portfolio that I collected days before Christmas. I am really excited about showing this to people, doing the rounds and getting the feedback - everything is SO much better printed so it's really satisfying to have 2015 in a tangible, portable form with superb printing (the Instagram time lapse below knocks it down a peg or two!)

I will try and keep this more up to date going forward and maybe get some posts up as I travel across the other side of the world looking for that perfect early evening lens flare leaving London in the boring and dull winter it is currently wading through. 

Happy New Year!

Editorial Portraits in Print

I met and photographed Charlie Green and Olly Olsen quite a few months ago now, for their feature in Estates Gazette magazine. Charming, fascinating and easy people to shoot. When the subjects have style and charisma and your location is a luxury penthouse off Oxford Circus - the hard part is already done for you. Good to see it finally in print.

editorial photographer london
portrait photographers london

Latest work for Scaramouche & Fandango

I have been working with Scaramouche and Fandango, producing all their advertising photography, since they were a start-up operating out of the two founders' SW London home. These guys never stop working and it's paying off, having just secured a huge contract to supply Etihad Airways with all their new business class amenities. As much as I love the client, I am a big fan of their products too - mainly because their product design has always been so good to look at (which is an endless help when you're shooting)

Having recently brought out their first men's hair care products I was asked to produce portraits to show off what the products can do - as well as to shoot the products themselves of course. All shot on location at a hip barbers in Clapham, here is the result... 

advertising photographer london - male portraits
product photographer london
behind the scenes bts advertising photoshoot

Latest iSing cover

October and November have been very busy months for me this year. Along with my usual work, I have been shooting a project called 'River People' which I'm very chuffed with and will share more on in the coming weeks. But for now, let me share with you the latest cover shoot I did for musician's magazine: 'iSing'.

The latest issue featured Mo Evans on the cover - if you Google him you'll see that he's the son of a very musical set of parents. You never know what it's going to be like when you turn up to meet someone (and intimately photograph them) after weeks of preceding emails between the client, the subject, the manager, the photographer etc. Time and time again I come away having a new-found realisation that my job is a privilege. It's a privilege to have the excuse to go and spend time with someone you've never met, and most likely will never meet again. It's that forced situation which is a beautiful thing. You have to build a rapport, understand each other, connect and sum it all up in a few images. Hugely challenging, but hugely rewarding. This was one of those times. I do go on about it a fair bit but it really is true that the most successful shoots are made up of 80% chat, 20% shooting. I just love having the chance to meet new people. 

We had a great venue for this one - Soho's Dean Street studios. They looked after us very well and the cover shot ended up featuring George Harrison's old Harmonium which is always a nice feeling! 

mo evans ising magazine dean street studios
behind the scenes magazine photoshoot

Cyrenians 2015 commission

I recently finished my second commission for the charity Cyrenians. They do a wonderful job helping house those with mental disabilities across London and they've used me for the last two years to help document their clients in their surroundings - telling stories and building an archive to help provide a visual representation in their annual report. 

Over the last two years I have done a good few photoshoots for this client and each is incredibly unique and each incredibly challenging, for many reasons. The challenge is usually the subjects. They can often be unpredictable, sometimes they realise they all of a sudden don't want to be photographed or sometimes they just decide they hate male photographers (!) However, the flip-side is that I get the privilege of looking into their lives for a split second to meet them, try and understand them as individuals and to photograph their portrait in a relevant way for that person. I may get 30secs, I may get 15 minutes, I never know what's going to happen - I have to be prepared for anything which is a fun challenge when lighting!!! 

Here is one of my favourite characters from this year's shoot - taken during an afternoon Tai Chi class watched via Youtube on the living room tv. A fuller collection of these wonderful characters (who never fail to make me smile) can be seen by clicking here. 

advertising photographer london

Kat Somin Park - London Fashion Week

I was recently commissioned by the very talented up and coming designer, Kat Somin Park to shoot her 'Rural Vs Urban' campaign. I had taken a break from fashion photography and the world of fashion in general for various reasons, however it was great to be back shooting in this context again. When the product's right, when the model, hair and makeup, and designer are all simply brilliant professionals, the images make themselves and the whole process is a lot of fun. 

Her work and the accompanying look-book I photographed were exhibited at The Vinyl Factory, SOHO, as part of London Fashion Week 2015. I managed to sneak into the dress-rehearsal as I was on a shoot around the corner and it all looked awesome. So pleased to have played my part, love the shots, the clothes and special shout out to the model Annabelle Loveluck who just made everything easier!

behind the scenes fashion photo shoot

SA Concert Season Ad

Back in January I spent some time just outside of Cape Town in South Africa, getting to know the ins and outs of what life is like working for the Thembalitsha charity - specifically, the Village of Hope. It goes without saying that they do amazing work for the local people whose lives have been disrupted/destroyed by aids, politics, colonialism and poverty amongst many other things!

To help fundraise they run a brilliant programme of summer concerts in an amphitheatre in a forest on a wine estate: easily one of the best music venues I've ever been to! I produced some imagery for their archive and this one has made it on to the main ad for the 2015 campaign. A beautiful sight with perfect light - you very quickly get used to this as 'average' when you've been there for a week or two! Stunning country, brilliant cause. If you're in the Western Cape area over the summer (our winter) then try and check out an event there, it really is a unique experience.

Cape Town Hope Paul Cluver

What does $4bn look like?

... this. 

I met Mohamed Mansour recently, to take his portrait for a magazine. After getting into his office to set up before he arrived and being told that when he did I arrive, I would be called in and given 10 minutes maximum to get what I needed, I was definitely thinking - this is another one of those isn't it!

As I returned to reception to wait for his arrival, I did what anyone would do (after seeing models of yachts and airliners in his office) - I Googled the man. I hadn't previously been told who I was photographing so to then have Wikipedia tell me all about his billions and career as an Egyptian minister, I was suddenly in a new frame of mind.

As it turns out, he is extremely warm, gentle and incredibly relaxed in front of the camera - having a career in the public eye does this to you. A very pleasant experience. As always with these things, it was an absolute privilege to get to meet the man and one of his sons too. I get loads out of it, connecting with people and having a quick delve into their life before I probably never see them again; I find it fascinating and very rewarding. It really isn't about money at all, it's more that to get where he has got to he has to have character, something about him, drive, determination and most importantly, stories to go with it. This is what I love - I would get the same thing from spending time photographing one of the subjects in my Cyrenians projects, all of whom have zero money and severe mental disabilities but bags of character and stories (even if they are sometimes made up) that are unique to them!



Emma Stevens Shoot

I recently shot some portraits for the very lovely (and successful) Emma Stevens. The main purpose of the shoot was to produce her next album cover which for obvious reasons, I can't reveal for a few months but it was a collaboration with digital artist extraordinaire Mike Campau, which I'm really chuffed with. 

I've photographed Emma once before and this time I had the intention of trying to get through a few rolls of film at the end of the session. She was very much up for this as everyone knows film is... well, just brilliant (aside from being unpredictable, expensive and time consuming). The frame below is a stand-out for me - shot on the Hasselblad 501cm with Kodak TMax400 film. 

Emma Stevens Hasselblad 501cm
hasselblad 501cm photoshoot bts behind the scenes

And here's one from the more 'traditional' and 'conventional' digital format!

Emma Stevens

A surreal fairytail

You're never too old to dress up right? This was shot from August in the idyllic grounds of Framingham College, Suffolk, looking onto the castle. Batman, Peter Pan, Superman, Woody and pals are all heading home for the day to take a break from saving the world

fairytale superman disney superheros fancy dress fantasy