New campaign | Lifestyle Photography for Zipcar

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I recently shot the new campaign for Zipcar - the market leading car-sharing / car-hiring platform who have absolutely cornered a growing market! We had two days to shoot all the key visuals, battling with the wind, the rain, sleet and the cold - and making the most of the occasional sunshine! There was plenty of laying on the floor (as per usual) and car cleaning, before shooting the various moments that the client needed to convey to remind the world that everyone needs Zipcar!

This job ended up being a real blend of lifestyle photography and advertising photography - the challenge being to bring the freedom of the former into the restrictions of the latter. The constant challenge being crop sizes for the final deliverable - long, thin, wide and narrow requirements by brands are the norm now which is tough because neither humans or cameras ‘see’ in these dimensions. But, this is the job. You make it work and there’s always some compromise to be had somewhere!

Agency: Collective London

Production: Hancock & Handsome

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