Yorkshire Provender 2017 Campaign

I recently was given the chance to hang out in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales for a few days, where we were to start the new 2017 advertising campaign for Yorkshire Provender Soup. Telling the story of a group of young people enjoying life, enjoying the countryside and happening to eat some pretty tasty soup in the process.

lifestyle photographer london

Starting the shoot in a series 1 Land Rover is pretty ideal, ending the shoot in a perfectly restored '60s VW Camper is even better. This was a lifestyle photography dream! The models were all cast from a mixture of staff, friends and family, which turned this into a genuine trip away together, genuine laughs, what you see is what you get - just as with the soup itself. A great example of when 'real people' can sell a brand. 

Great to see this all live now as the client rolls out its new branding. They make great porridge, they make great soup - trust me, I've tried them all! More to come later as this has been an ongoing campaign through 2017...