Wondering around Williamsburg

On a recent work trip to New York, out of everything I shot and saw in 10 days, mindlessly strolling around the backs streets of Williamsburg on a winter's late afternoon was definitely a highlight. Having absolutely no agenda, targets, deadlines or aims and equipped with one camera, one prime lens (admittedly this was a Phase One hanging around my neck so not exactly street-wise) is, for me, nothing but freeing. 

Literally shooting what I see, what I want, when I want with no thought of 'I'm meant to be this kind of photographer, I should be shooting this' etc... back to basics: look, learn, wait, capture, move on. I wouldn't call this street photography (every time I hit the shutter on this Danish machine, the pigeons 2 blocks away scatter), I wouldn't call it travel - it is simply just an interpretation of an aimless walk, purely for the pleasure of creating images.

So here is some of what I saw.