Urban Fitness Photography for BMA Models

Having recently stumbled upon an incredible urban location in Central London a few months ago, I was eager to find an appropriate use for it. Finding such a space in the heart of London a stone's throw from St Paul's is just a bit unheard of - the most bizarre underground carpark which goes down 14 floors and only used for the first 4! 

fitness photography london

When BMA models got in touch about a fitness shoot for some new models they had recently signed I realised this was it. The general image of fitness photography is very clean cut which nicely represents clean living and sells the brand of fitness as a positive one. Everyone smiling, clean and happy - it's easy right!? I'm not convinced. Time to get rid of this #instafitness lie - working out is messy, knackering, pushes us to our limits, it's sweaty, brutal - we do not look our best when we're working out!! So I was keen to bring a bit of grit and reality into this, 14 floors or deserted concrete beneath London seemed like an apt place to do so.


Lucas and Millie were a dream to work with - I definitely pushed them as I wanted it to be real, and they stepped up to the challenge (as all good models should do ;) !). I hope everything you see here is real - it was my aim. Lifestyle photography should be honest, it should reflect... lifestyle, and the lifestyle of the fitness world isn't always that polished!