Uber Impact - BBC feature!

Having worked on the Uber Impact for over a year, it's fair to say that I'd put a lot of my heart and soul into this project. So when releasing and pushing it out to press last month, one was very much hoping for a reaction to some degree, after all, this project is all about awareness of human plight. 

With this in mind, I was absolutely chuffed when the BBC decided to feature the project on their 'Pictures' home page - remaining the headline story for 48 hours on their UK and world wide pages! 

The Uber Impact BBC

Sadly, due to bias issues and the very flagrant angle on a private company, the BBC had to re-dress the approach to the story and the 'impact' part of the project became somewhat diluted. However, all press is good press and by including a link through to the project on my site, it gave the viewer the option to delve further into the story. 

bbc taxi driver pictures

Glass Magazine

Thank you also to Glass Magazine who wrote up a great feature that can be seen here.


Creative Boom

And finally to the guys at Creative Boom who wrote a very thoughtful piece on the project. Click here to read it.