Tree of Life

It's amazing what a tree can mean to people. Whilst walking around with the Thembilitsha nurses on their daily run to distribute HIV medicine to the residents of Waterworks Township, Grabouw, SA I couldn't help but notice this shot.

The tree provides shelter, works as a washing line and is also a convenient junction for the township's improvised 'national grid'. I couldn't have drawn a better shaped tree with more pleasing colours. The Hasselblad captured it perfectly on Kodak Ektar 100 - this is a direct scan straight from the negative.

It was easy to feel awkward - taking photos in their community because it fascinated to me. It's easy to slip into tourist mode and almost feel like you're taking advantage of their situation. However it's a lot harder to ignore the amazing life and vibrance that these communities omit and even more difficult not to try and capture it!