The one-handed Pianist shoot

Rarely do the worlds of my passions collide as they did on this shoot (and I have a lot of things I'm passionate about!). Not all will know this, but my first career was actually in music (long story) and specifically within that, the majority of my work was as a pianist/keyboard player. So to be asked to shoot classical artist, Keith Porter-Snell ... at Steinway's London showroom... well, how could I not!?

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There was me thinking I knew the world of piano quite well until the theme of our shoot discussion unfolded to reveal a whole topic of 'left hand only' pianists - Keith being one of them due to a muscular problem in his right hand. This was all new to me and totally fascinating. Keith has been busy researching the history of this art as there is a severe shortage of music written for left hand only pianists. His story is quite unbelievable in places, as he detailed his quest to retrace lost and hidden works which were once commissioned by someone of influence to the great composers of that era. Quite simply, there is music written which he can't access but is eager to play. His passion for music that has pushed him beyond giving up after having realised he'd lost the use of his right hand, has kept him on this remarkable journey. My anecdotes won't do it justice!

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As ever with my work, the pleasuer is as much in meeting such people and hearing their story and journey, as it is taking their portraits. This shoot gave both in equal measure - AND I got to spend some time playing some beautiful £150k pianos as we compared notes!

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