Spotlight Awards

Proud to have been recognised by the inaugural Spotlight Awards by Production Paradise this year - having been shortlisted in two categories: People & Lifestyle and Travel, Documentary and Landscape. Big congrats to the winners, I was up against a lot of work and photographers I greatly admire!

jumping skateboarder new york city

This shot from my series ‘Skate NYC’ made it into the People & Lifestyle category. Shooting this image was super fun and risky at the same time. From memory, I was laid down on the sidewalk at the end of Wall Street in New York and Bobby Dash jumped right over us (and other passers by) and would stop just before hitting the road. We had to be quick, this is totally illegal in NYC, but those ‘run’n’gun’ shoots are always fun - especially with Bobby. Being a skater in New York means you’re always upsetting someone so pushing boundaries is natural. I love the moment, his hair, the silhouette and the unique light that Manhattan gives you. Nailing the focus was a pain! 

travel photography nepal

The second image shortlisted was shot on assignment in rural Nepal in 2017. This was day one of an epic 10 day adventure into the deepest depths of the incredibly beautiful country - documenting stories for Tearfund. We just went straight into it, I was perched on the side of a mountain shooting someone else and I turned around to see this group of people simply sitting and watching these strange Westerners interrupting their simple lives. I saw the shot, the mix of people and the range of emotions: happiness, nervousness, shyness, mischief, but ultimately - content. I couldn’t resist it.