Sir Michael Peat | Portrait Photography for Economia

sir Michael Peat

As many portrait photographers will tell you, most often the best part of the job, the part which excuses all the lugging, sweating, waiting, bending, aching … is meeting the subjects we have the privilege of getting to shoot. This was certainly one of those moments.
As usual - a very limited schedule and three individual setups needed in a limited space in the offices just off Trafalgar Square, London. The pressure was on to get the cover for Economia magazine but thankfully Sir Michael turned up and performed just as needed/expected and gave me all the prim, proper poses one would expect from a man who has put his accounting skills to use for one of the world’s most famous families for most of his career.

Eton - Oxbridge - The Queen. That’s how it goes right? As keeper of the ‘Privy Purse’ and Principle Private Secretary (PPS) to Charles and Camilla, naturally all I wanted to do the whole shoot was to myth bust the story lines of Netflix’s series ‘The Crown’. Most fascinating indeed. Chuffed with the final results and they looked awesome in print!