SA Concert Season Ad

Back in January I spent some time just outside of Cape Town in South Africa, getting to know the ins and outs of what life is like working for the Thembalitsha charity - specifically, the Village of Hope. It goes without saying that they do amazing work for the local people whose lives have been disrupted/destroyed by aids, politics, colonialism and poverty amongst many other things!

To help fundraise they run a brilliant programme of summer concerts in an amphitheatre in a forest on a wine estate: easily one of the best music venues I've ever been to! I produced some imagery for their archive and this one has made it on to the main ad for the 2015 campaign. A beautiful sight with perfect light - you very quickly get used to this as 'average' when you've been there for a week or two! Stunning country, brilliant cause. If you're in the Western Cape area over the summer (our winter) then try and check out an event there, it really is a unique experience.

Cape Town Hope Paul Cluver