Radiocentre 2018/19 Advertising Campaign

After the success of 2017’s advertising campaign for Radiocentre (nominated for a few awards!) we set about shooting the 2018/19 images to continue the brief and extend their photography library. I love working with this client as they know exactly what they want and fully entrust myself and my team to produce the shoot and deliver the final results…. just the right balance of hands off/hands on for my liking!

radiocentre boys playing on games console

As with many advertising briefs, due to limitations of the final asset application and criteria for brand placement, copy space etc, this set of images was very specific. This is good and bad - good because we know what we’re aiming for and when we’ve got it we can move on - not so good because I hate being glued to a tripod (I’m much happier when I’m running around and rolling on the floor with my camera). We got to recreate some great lighting scenarios testing myself and my assistants, but the challenge makes it all the more satisfying when it comes off and the client leaves with a smile on their face!

Here are a few behind the scenes moments