Paris Sleeps | Forgotten images

Back in 2015/16 I spent many a cold winter’s day capturing an on-going personal project called ‘London Sleeps’ - check out the series here.

I’m actually majorly proud of this body of work and feel slightly strange towards it now because of its lack of connection to my main lifestyle and portrait photography work. Even though as an artist and photographer I should be technically free to shoot whatever I want, whenever I want - the rest of the world does’t always see it that way and being an advertising photographer, your potential clients love to be able to put you in a box. Shooting a series like this kind of ruins that box!

Anyway… here I am, my blog, my rules. When I was shooting that project I had the idea of expanding it around the world. Maybe I will do it one day? For now though - here are two images I shot in Paris whilst I was in that frame of mind. Capturing world-renowned views hopefully as they’ve never been seen before: without the people who often distract from the incredible architecture centre frame.

arch de triumph paris sleeps - no people
Eiffel tower paris sleeps - no people