Olympic & Paralympic GB weightlifting shoot

I feel like the whole nation is still buzzing right now, off the back of the amazing achievement by team GB in the Rio Olympics this year. A truly amazing achievement - I'm really hoping Rio doesn't let us down on the Paralympics after 2012 proved what was possible. Before the athletes flew out, I got to meet up with the GB weightlifting team, near Leicester, to photograph them at the Cybex HQ. 

At the point of the shoot, the team were unaware who out of them would be flying off to Rio - despite this, there was no obvious tension in the air. The girls made it an absolute laugh and were all really up for getting stuck in. I also got to meet and shoot GB's Paralympian extraordinaire, Ali Jawad. Ali was born without legs - instead he put his arms to great use and became a champion powerlifter. Inspiring. 

Ali Jawad

Rebekah Tiler ended up winning the ticket to Rio and the 17-year-old did us proud in a group of very suspect athletes with quite a list of doping between them!  

Rebekah Tyler