New Print Portfolio, New Year

Photography print portfolio

2015 has been another manic year but all positively so. Travelled much more of the world and I write this 3 days before setting off to shoot and travel across Hong Kong, New Zealand, Sydney and Singapore to start off 2016. I have a growing list of blog posts to add to bring things up to date but I think I have to accept that being completely up to date is never going to be a reality, I'm sure most photographers are the same; that to-do list never gets smaller... ever!

All good though, I'm very excited about the new year as I've got loads of plans, meetings and shoots to tick off as well as countries to visit in just the first two months alone. Above and below is a quick sneak peak at my new print portfolio that I collected days before Christmas. I am really excited about showing this to people, doing the rounds and getting the feedback - everything is SO much better printed so it's really satisfying to have 2015 in a tangible, portable form with superb printing (the Instagram time lapse below knocks it down a peg or two!)

I will try and keep this more up to date going forward and maybe get some posts up as I travel across the other side of the world looking for that perfect early evening lens flare leaving London in the boring and dull winter it is currently wading through. 

Happy New Year!