London Sleeps gets some attention

It was great to see the 'London Sleeps' series get some attention recently from a few online communities, namely The Londonist. Receiving a good few thousand likes on Facebook and favourites/retweets on Twitter is always nice to see (though really we all know it means very little) and it's always interesting to see the comments. I have always said that I would rather someone hate my work than think 'mwah... it's alright'. Love and hate I can deal with because it causes reaction - as an artist a reaction is what I want because it means people are responding to what I am saying through my work. I feel there was a bit of misunderstanding behind the work in that a lot of technical photography enthusiasts jumped on board stating that it's just long exposures with ND filters with an 'I could have done that' attitude. 

Now whilst I did use ND filters and long exposures there was also a LOT more that went into creating the images of London Sleeps. I'm not going to go into it on here because the focus shouldn't be on technique. The whole point of the series is to 'show off' this amazing city I live and work in. I wanted to reveal the architecture and show people the sites they're used to seeing in a new way and then reveal some less obvious views at the same time. The technicalities of how I do this may be of interest to many but I must stress that it's about the finished image and what it sums up for now and what it archives for the future.

I think I've finished it for now as I want to move on to many other things but I'm really chuffed with how it all came out I'm pleased to have some of the limited edition prints on display in my studio at the moment. 

This process was then repeated by Italian website (for the 500,000 Italians residing here) Londra Italia

Finally, in the images below you'll see a rare behind the scenes shot for one of my favourites from the series. This was one of the most difficult images to take as not only was there constant traffic but it was a complete standstill!