London Sleeps gets a 4-page feature in luxury magazine

Through no link at all to the previous post, and absolutely pure coincidence, the editor of The Savoy magazine recently got in touch after finding my London Sleeps series online. He wanted to run a feature on it and also interview me - I, of course, obliged. 

I started shooting the London Sleeps series a few years ago, and it has been picked up by others such as The Londonist and featured in my book Tideway, but for interest to resurface after a while without shooting or talking about it, was flattering. Though as a photographer, I don't shoot my personal work for anyone else - it is purely an expression of what I alone want to do and say, when others take an interest it does make it even more worth it. It's less of an ego boost and much more of a confirmation that others share your vision and appreciate your interpretation, thus making the cause/effort/hours/the cold/police harassment more worthwhile!

To see the whole series please click here, otherwise - see below for the featured article.