New work for Lenovo & Marvel | Mirage AR Headset

lenovo mirage  marvel AR

The new campaign for the Lenovo and Marvel AR collaboration is finally out now. We shot this many months ago with the team at HMX in what was a hugely technical shoot!

The amazing East London warehouse conversion we had to shoot in, had to be completely 3D mapped and all the Marvel characters inserted in CGI. We were shooting on millimetres and degrees, many a tape measure was used! All the PSD CGI characters were overlaid in Capture One so we could see exactly what was happening almost in real-time from the Phase One XF.

Make it harder? Why not... the hands had to be re-shot in a studio a week later when there was a change of direction. Just the hands! The exact camera angle, position, body position, depth, and all lighting had to be replicated. Ever relishing the technical! Good to see the final result out and about now. The below is the final packaging comp and a few behind the scenes images to give a very tiny insight into what went in to creating this advertising photography.

lenovo mirage ar dimension of heroes