Jim Allen | Zodiak Media

The life of a commercial photographer in London comprises many ups and downs. One of the biggest 'ups' I consider my job to provide is the excuse/chance to meet and spend time with people who you would otherwise never meet. What I've learnt is that it really doesn't matter what they do for a living; they could be a celebrity, musician, charity worker, CEO, chef, artist .... it's just about who they are.

Being commissioned by Zodiak media (you may not have heard of them but you certainly know all the TV shows the syndicate around the world) to shoot a portrait of Jim Allen was definitely one of those 'up' moments. For someone to retain and maintain an un-questionable genuine character no matter what their position or success is admirable. Stating the rule 'I'm not going to be not smiling and looking all serious because I'm in a magazine' from the outset was a great start. Smiles all the way, stories to accompany them and a flagrant respect for Bob Marley and his teachings made this shoot what it was. A pleasure. 

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