Emma Stevens Shoot

I recently shot some portraits for the very lovely (and successful) Emma Stevens. The main purpose of the shoot was to produce her next album cover which for obvious reasons, I can't reveal for a few months but it was a collaboration with digital artist extraordinaire Mike Campau, which I'm really chuffed with. 

I've photographed Emma once before and this time I had the intention of trying to get through a few rolls of film at the end of the session. She was very much up for this as everyone knows film is... well, just brilliant (aside from being unpredictable, expensive and time consuming). The frame below is a stand-out for me - shot on the Hasselblad 501cm with Kodak TMax400 film. 

Emma Stevens Hasselblad 501cm
hasselblad 501cm photoshoot bts behind the scenes

And here's one from the more 'traditional' and 'conventional' digital format!

Emma Stevens