Economia Front Cover | Portrait for Graze

Here is the cover shoot of Graze CFO Andy Gibbs for the very beautifully designed and printed Economia magazine. Not only was Andy a willing and enthusiastic subject for this shoot, but I left with a goody bag of Graze snacks which supplied me for a 3-day wild-camping trek in the Lake District, which started the day after this shoot. Everyone loves a freebie - especially an edible one. 

I always appreciate when my 'real people' subjects bring an enthusiasm and vulnerability to the shoot. It's very much not part of the job description that they sign up for, so to trust a photographer they've never met before to capture their face/emotions/thoughts/feelings is a big deal. Andy hadn't told his wife about this shoot and was going to wait for the issue to arrive on their doormat in the post to completely freak her out! Love it. Thanks to John at progressive for the commission.