Cyrenians 2015 commission

I recently finished my second commission for the charity Cyrenians. They do a wonderful job helping house those with mental disabilities across London and they've used me for the last two years to help document their clients in their surroundings - telling stories and building an archive to help provide a visual representation in their annual report. 

Over the last two years I have done a good few photoshoots for this client and each is incredibly unique and each incredibly challenging, for many reasons. The challenge is usually the subjects. They can often be unpredictable, sometimes they realise they all of a sudden don't want to be photographed or sometimes they just decide they hate male photographers (!) However, the flip-side is that I get the privilege of looking into their lives for a split second to meet them, try and understand them as individuals and to photograph their portrait in a relevant way for that person. I may get 30secs, I may get 15 minutes, I never know what's going to happen - I have to be prepared for anything which is a fun challenge when lighting!!! 

Here is one of my favourite characters from this year's shoot - taken during an afternoon Tai Chi class watched via Youtube on the living room tv. A fuller collection of these wonderful characters (who never fail to make me smile) can be seen by clicking here. 

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