Coca Cola 2018 advertising campaign

It seems an age ago that England was encased in football fever and football nearly came home…. so very nearly! In the heat of the moment (literally) I was shooting Coca Cola’s latest campaign for Western Europe. Lifestyle photography at a location house in North London which was largely art-directed and pre-scamped according to the many criteria that needed to be ticked off to comply with the brand guidelines for one of the world’s biggest brands. 

advertising photographer london

Really thankful that Coca-Cola and the agency, Movement, entrusted the job to myself and as usual the whole crew worked tirelessly so get the very technical shoot completed in time (though I had to watch Tripier’s free kick go in whilst crossing Putney Bridge as I didn’t quite make it home in time for kick off!).

coca cola ad campaign lifestyle photography

Chuffed with the results and it’s nice to see some of the final images animated in post production for the live billboards they’re going to be used on. Framing for 9:16 ratio whilst lighting and styling a Coke bottle to perfection, getting the models’ fingers in the ideal position along with styling the set and getting their reactions and emotions to fit the moment and the environment… one of the more challenging sides to life as an advertising photographer. But I love a good challenge! 

Here are a few of the images and some moments caught behind the scenes.