Choro Fumo

This was ambitious.... I had no idea if it was going to work but I'm learning in life that you just had to give it a go, what is the worst that can happen!? Choro Fumo is a project built on a vision, a brainwave and then a lot of experimentation. The result is my own slice of photo-fantasy. I am not a digital artist. This is me exploring something else...

I spent 2 days in my studio shooting a library of smoke images, experimenting the whole way... making myself quite ill in the process too (from too much artificial smoke and zero ventilation). The shapes developed and the 'dancers' appeared - eventually!

I wanted to find a dancer to imitate my shapes and for me to somehow blend her in to bring them to life. Finding a dancer was one thing - I had a very specific look in mind - finding a dancer that could pose like a model was another. Somehow, via research and coincidence combining, I found the wonderful Elena

Each image has a theme and each reminds me of something I have seen/encountered at some point in my life. Bringing my vision to reality was a challenge and throughout the whole process, every point of expense and time investment was a nervous moment. 

Elena performed like a pro, and thanks to her brilliant work and the expertise of Lillie Lindh on hair and makeup - we got there!