Bobby Seagull | Portrait Photography for Economia magazine

bobby seagull

More significant number people for the beautifully designed Economia magazine. Bobby Seagull - yet another amazing example of the privilege that this job allows me - meeting people I would never otherwise have the need to spend an hour of my life chatting with.

An ex-trader at the infamous Lehman Brothers and then accountant at PwC, Bobby left the corporate world to be one of the most inspiring Maths teachers around. Utilising his charisma and passion for the subject and instilling it into the children of the Essex state school he teaches in, he now floats somewhere between TV personality, go-to maths expert for talk shows, newspaper columnist and getting kids through their GCSEs.

Photographed here on location in his classroom, sporting the club tie of his other passion in life - West Ham Football Club.

Bobby Seagull portrait photographers london
Bobby Seagull mathematician
bobby seagull portrait economia magazine