Here's to 2017: Selected as Best 200 Ad Photographers!

200 best logo.png

I'm absolutely chuffed to announce that I have been selected for inclusion in the legendary Lürzer's '200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide'. This year has contained a lot - it's been an amazing journey. But, to finish it being featured in a book containing so many photographers and so much work which I hugely respect, which gets sold around the world for the next two years really is a big honour. The curated work really is stunning - get yourself a copy here. It's a lot of book for less than £30!

I was fortunate enough to have two images selected for the 2018/29 annual - both from projects not officially released yet. The first was taken on day one of a two-week assignment in Nepal earlier this year, with the charity Tearfund. This trip was absolutely epic. It was tough, tiring, uncomfortable and sweaty but also absolutely mind-blowing. The scenery, the people, the stories, the culture, the wildlife, the driving.... (the driving!!!) - all an amazing experience. However, I'll talk about this in a future post when more of the archive makes its way online. 

The second portrait features the face of London musician/artist Tawiah.  This was shot as part of a personal project I've been shooting throughout 2017 called The Changing Face of Music. Tawiah has tremendous talent and is an amazing soul who absolutely threw herself into this project so I'm so glad to see it gaining recognition already! I hope to launch this project in the new year so more to come in 2018 on that...

lürzer's archive best 200 ad photographers
Tawiah music by Matthew Joseph