Back in SA...

I am slowly falling in love with South Africa. I am recently back from my second trip there and I am fully fascinated with this country. It's easy to see why Cape Town is such a popular destination for filming and photography - stunning light, stunning scenery and stunning people; the local wines and steaks make this even sweeter!

I had a few meetings with agents in Cape Town before exploring parts I've not been to before and getting to see some family at the same time. A few images of the trip are below, they sum up a fraction of who I met and what I saw - as always, trying my best to do things justice with my lens whilst soaking up the culture (and hiding my white British skin from that sun of their's!).

I also managed to shoot a few new additions for the Horizon series which is ongoing as I follow my work around the world. SA has some good horizons! I'm really treasuring this long-term project and as it slowly builds, it's starting to make sense. I plan to exhibit in 2027!