Latest iSing cover shoot | Portrait Photography

I had the pleasure of shooting the wonderful Kelli-Leigh recently, for her cover of iSing magazine. As a photographer passionate about people, a good portion of the pleasure of my job comes from simply hanging/chatting/getting to know my subjects. You know this is going well when you spend twice as long as you're meant to on the shoot! Kelli is talented, ambitious and a dream to photograph - as much as I love a challenge, I also enjoy having my job made easier for me occasionally!!

The whole shoot was set up at her home studio in Greenwich and as usual with editorial photography commissions, there are always fairly strict guidelines of what's needed to best suit the text theme and layout. We got slightly carried away and ended up shooting a load more looks than initially intended, making use of introducing colour and movement to some shots to really make the most of one environment, producing a wider variety of options. This is one of the main challenges of an editorial photographer or on location portrait photographer - this is not your space, you often don't know what to expect when you arrive and you have to deal with it, make it work and turn the tables so you're in charge of what is happening from a lighting perspective. But, it's also what I love about it - I'm a problem solver at heart and it keeps you nicely on your toes!