Boy or girl?

What influences our response to this question? Colours? Clothes? Expressions? Body shape? At some point in the process, whether we like it or not, unconscious bias will kick in. We can’t help it. Unconscious bias resides in society’s DNA, and our decisions, purchases, thoughts, feelings and judgements are all influenced by it on a daily basis. aGenda seeks to challenge our thinking on this unconscious bias - stimulating conversation and raising questions about how vulnerable, yet captivating portraits of our society’s newest humans, can cause us to think twice about the daily assumptions we subconsciously generate.

Using babies to highlight this issue is deliberately unfair - androgyny is commonplace in these first few months on Planet Earth - but perhaps these subjects can be an inspiration? They are old enough to be aware, but still new enough to live their life without influence. This innocent stage may well be the most honest point of their lives.

A film of the aGenda exhibition private view on London's South Bank